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Today takes a drastic turn toward vastly different energy. Venus in Cancer unites with Mars in Taurus and both focus on romantic relationships and the changes we see there.

Change is in the air as you are still figuring out exactly how the Uranus North Node union in Taurus will affect you, but today’s astrology will also bring focus to romantic relationships.

Romantic relationships are more than two people traveling through life together.

The single most determining factor for where you go in life is the partner you pick to be with you during your journey.

And, who you chose to be in a relationship with has a lot to do with your personal development. 

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No one is perfect, and no one has it all figured out, so even during deep healing or growth, your romantic relationship holds the power to affect your entire life.

It is no surprise that one of the first areas affected by the Uranus North Node union in Taurus is your romantic relationships because decisions about commitment, potential partners and future goals touch all the changes you need to make.

It’s also important to note that on Tuesday, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Taurus bring their masculine and feminine energies together.

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